Roof cleaning

No one wants to see moss, algae, fungus, water damage, or black streaks on their roof. Not only is it an eyesore but it can lead to rot and shorten the lifespan of your roof.

If your roof is looking a little worse for wear, you could benefit from a roof cleaning service. Stop putting up with grime and buildup on your roof and give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.

What are roof cleaning services?

A professional roof clean helps to remove the build-up and grime from your roof, so you can get that new roof look without the price tag. Typically, proper roof maintenance and cleaning should be an annual event to get the best results and longest lifespan from your roof.

Roof cleaning can involve:

  • High pressure cleaning services
  • Soft washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning of solar panels
  • and other services

Our professional roof clean service removes roof stains, mould growth and debris so your home isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria and rot. Getting your roof cleaned can vastly improve your street appeal and boost the lifespan of your roof.

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Is it worth cleaning my roof?

While you may think that roof cleaning services seem like a waste of time or cost, it actually is an investment in your home. By getting a professional to clean your roof, you will:

Boost curb appeal

One of the first things we notice about a home is usually the roof. Whether you are looking to boost your curb appeal in preparation to sell or just want to keep your home looking pristine, a professional roof clean will put a smile on your face.

Save money

Like any investment, a little money spent now can result in future savings. Taking care of your roof materials with regular cleaning helps to prevent damage such as rot and leaks from occurring. A little time and money spent on a roof cleaning could save you thousands if you are faced with having to buy a whole new roof.

Extend Lifespan

When you take care of your roof with regular roof washing services, you can extend its lifespan, so you don’t have to think about replacing your roof for years to come. WeatherpRoof Restorations are one of the top Brisbane roof cleaning specialists, and we can guarantee that your roof will get the care that it deserves.

Prevent damage and decay

Left untreated a minor case of water damage can escalate to a damaged roof and you might find yourself looking for a roof restoration. By regularly cleaning your roof you can stop further decay from occurring and protect your home.

What does roof pressure cleaning involve?

Roof pressure washing vs softwash roof cleaning, what’s the difference? The main difference is the amount of water pressure used in cleaning your roof. Typically, high pressure cleaning equipment will run anywhere between 1,300 to 4,000 PSI (depending on your type of roof).

High pressure cleaning equipment is a common surface cleaner when it comes to roofs. A high pressure clean can be better suited for roofs that are faced with a lot of grime build up.

Our professional team comes equipped with safety equipment and all the right training so we can put our best foot forward when we come to your home.

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What is softwash roof cleaning?

Softwash roof cleaning uses less force than high pressure cleaning equipment and combines water with soap or chemical cleaners. Softwash roof cleaning uses more low pressure cleaning compared to high pressure roof cleaning and can lower the risk of damaging some roof materials.

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