Roof Restoration

When it comes to roof restoration, not only can you improve your street appeal, but you can better protect your home from the weather.

If you are feeling at a loss with how to restore your damaged or worn-out roof, we can help you find the right options. As a Brisbane roof restoration service, we can take you through the whole process from leaking roof to the finished product.

Unsure if a roof restoration is what you need? A roof restoration can help you with:

  • Your warranty claim
  • Better protecting your home
  • Resolving roof issues such as leaks
  • Making your home more sustainable
  • Improving the value of your home

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Roof Repairs
vs Roof Restoration

The main difference between a roof repair and a roof restoration is the size of the area in question. Typically, a roof repair will consist of smaller areas, while a roof restoration can involve the entire roof.

If you are trying to decide between a full roof restoration and a roof repair, it will depend on the amount of damage to your roof and your set budget. If you are only looking at a small area to replace, a roof repair will be better suited than replacing your entire roof. However, roof restoration is ideal when you are looking to improve your street appeal and to better weatherproof your house against the elements. Roof restorations have more long-term benefits, especially if your roof is older.

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What do Roof Restorations involve?

A roof restoration will start with our professional team inspecting for signs of leaks or potential roof issues. After we understand exactly what issues your roof has, we can start with the cleaning process.

We deep pressure clean and then re bed and re point your roof to ensure your roof is properly sealed. Next, we complete a quality painting 4 coat system. The finished product is a long-standing roof that will keep your home weatherproof for years to come.

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What does a Roof Restoration cost?

Full roof restorations are typically a lot cheaper than getting a whole new roof and provide you with great value for money. The price for roofing services will depend on what your roof requires in terms of broken tiles, leaks, and other factors.

What you pay for when you get a restoration roof service, is an immaculate job, friendly service, and long-lasting quality work with reasonable pricing.

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Is it Worth getting my Roof Restored?

Getting your roof restored can be extremely beneficial and provide a much cheaper alternative to a roof replacement. As any restoration roofing company in the roofing industry will tell you, taking care of your roof will add years to your home. A quality roof repair will:

Increase value

When you hire a professional service with a roof restorer, you can add instant value to your home and boost your street appeal. As one of the first things you notice about a house, the roof quality can make a dramatic difference in your home’s value.

Protect against pests

No one likes to wake up to find a family of starlings have gotten through a hole in the roof and made their home in your attic. One of the many benefits of a quality roof restoration is the added protection against pests in your home.

WeatherpRoof your home

Don’t wait until cyclone season until you decide to fix that leak in your roof. With a roof restoration, you can keep the weather outside and prevent domino effects like mold and rot in your home.

Decrease your electric bill

In the colder months you will find that any heat will escape through the damaged areas of your roof. By better sealing all the cracks and leaks in your roof, you will find that your electricity bill will be significantly smaller.

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Whether you have an iron roof, tiled roof, or terracotta roof, we can help you with your restoration. When it comes to cleaning, re bedding, re pointing, roof painting, and restoring your roof, nothing is too much trouble for our professional team.

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